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Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, our program is tailored to make web design simple and intuitive. Embrace the core principles of visual, UX, and UI design, and put theory into practice to build stunning websites effortlessly.

The Type of websites you can design

Unlock a world of endless design possibilities with our web design course, where coding is not a barrier! Discover how to craft various types of websites – from captivating portfolios to engaging e-commerce platforms, and interactive blogs. Your creativity will know no bounds. Enroll now and start designing websites that speak volumes!

Static Website

Websites like single page for professional service providers.

Dynamic Website

Website like eCommerce, Blogging.


Advanced type eCommerce designing and customization based on requirements.


Advanced type of Blogging or News websites focused on SEO.

Affiliate Marketing

Advanced type of blogging website focused on monetization in mind.


Learning Management System like Udemy or an Individual LMS platform for any coach/consultants.


Website like Yelp, IndiaMart, JustDial, Sulekha, Car Dekho etc.


Learn how to develop fully custom website based on a specific customer requirements.


Begin your journey into the digital world by mastering the foundational blocks of website creation, ensuring every step forward is grounded in solid expertise.

  • Learn the basics of domain names and their significance.
  • Understand the principles of UI/UX design.
  • Explore the different types of websites and their purposes.

Transform your creative ideas into a digital reality by mastering a systematic and efficient website designing process, ensuring every project is a masterpiece.

  • Understand the lifecycle of website design from concept to launch.
  • Learn about wireframing and its importance in web design.
  • Explore various design tools and software.

Become the architect of client dreams by mastering the art of requirement gathering, ensuring every website you create is a mirror reflecting their needs and desires.

  • Learn effective communication and questioning techniques.
  • Understand how to document and analyze requirements.
  • Explore case studies to understand practical applications.

Ensure your websites always have a home that guarantees optimal performance and unbreachable security by mastering the technicalities of server and hosting setups.

  • Learn about different hosting types and their pros and cons.
  • Understand server management and maintenance.
  • Explore security protocols and their implementation.

Navigate through the world’s most popular CMS with confidence and expertise, ensuring every website you create with WordPress is a beacon of proficiency and functionality.

  • Understand the WordPress dashboard and its functionalities.
  • Learn how to install and configure WordPress.
  • Explore theme and plugin installations.

Unleash your creativity unrestricted by technical boundaries, by mastering the drag & drop functionalities of Elementor, ensuring your designs are both beautiful and functional.

  • Learn to create stunning web pages using Elementor.
  • Understand the various widgets and functionalities.
  • Explore advanced design capabilities without coding.

Elevate your design capabilities by mastering various themes and plugins, ensuring every website you create is unique, functional, and perfectly tailored to user needs.

  • Explore various popular themes and understand their functionalities.
  • Learn how to install, activate, and customize plugins.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot common issues related to themes and plugins.

Ensure every website you create resonates with brand identity by mastering basic customization, making every color, font, and element a deliberate choice.

  • Learn about customizing colors, fonts, and layouts.
  • Understand how to modify basic CSS for further customization.
  • Explore the customization of different website sections.

Dive deeper into customization, ensuring every website you create is not just a template but a unique digital entity.

  • Explore advanced customization options and techniques.
  • Modify themes and plugins to create unique user experiences.
  • Ensure every website stands out in the digital crowd.

Master the art of blog implementation, ensuring every word published on the website is housed in a perfectly crafted digital environment.

  • Implement and customize blogs to enhance user engagement.
  • Explore SEO techniques for blogs.
  • Ensure every blog is a blend of informative content and visual appeal.

Step into the bustling digital marketplaces by mastering eCommerce implementation, ensuring every transaction is smooth, secure, and user-friendly.

  • Implement and customize eCommerce platforms.
  • Explore payment gateways and ensure secure transactions.
  • Craft user-friendly shopping experiences.

Learn how to setup and customize your own LMS (Learning Management System)or Marketplace like Udemy.

Dive into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing, ensuring every click generates value and every user journey is smooth and enticing.

  • Set up and customize affiliate marketing websites.
  • Explore various affiliate marketing tools and plugins.
  • Ensure every click is strategically placed and visually appealing.

Step into the future of web development by integrating AI, ensuring your websites are not just interactive but intelligently responsive.

  • Integrate and customize ChatGPT for interactive user experiences.
  • Explore various use-cases and applications of ChatGPT in web development.
  • Ensure your websites are at the forefront of technological advancements.

You will learn how to connect your website with different type of platforms like Google Search Console, Analytics, HotJar and many more. You will get idea of in-depth best plugin and integration for SEO, Ads (e.g., Facebook Pixel, Conversion API and more)

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4.8 Ratings

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