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10 Plus Income Sources For WordPress Freelancers.

If you are a WordPress freelancer and looking for some quick income source, you are at the right place. I will provide 10 plus income sources for WordPress freelancers.

This is the ultimate WordPress freelancing guide for beginners. If you want to get more clients on-demand, this guide on freelancing is right for you.

WordPress is a popular CMS, and more than 40% of live websites are made on WordPress CMS. And that’s the reason why everyone can become a successful WordPress web designer

As per the current Fiverr freelancers directory, more than seventy-four thousand freelance WordPress developers are on Fiverr. 

That’s why I decided to keep you aware about the freelance game changing framework. Please note that these income sources are proven to earn money and get more clients on demand.

You can offer these 10+ WordPress services to generate money in significantly less time. I have divided the WordPress services into six parts.

  1. WordPress Installation and setup
  2. WordPress Error Fixing
  3. WordPress SEO Service
  4. WordPress Performance & Security Service
  5. Website Maintenance
  6. Third-party application integration

So, let’s get started!

WordPress Installation and setup Service

You can find many clients to offer WordPress installation and setup services. 

Let’s see what you can offer in installation and set up services.

Setup hosting & WordPress Service

This is a standard service in website design and development. Many people know a little about WordPress website designing, but they are better at hosting and installing WordPress. 

You can find such clients on Fiverr and help them with the lowest cost, e.g., $50 for hosting setup. 

If you are an affiliate partner with any hosting company, e.g., Bluehost, don’t hesitate to send affiliate link to your clients.

New WordPress Plugin Installation and Setup Service

Over time every website needs some enhancement and extra setup to boost performance.  

You can find thousands of customers looking for extra features on their websites. So, its time to grab those opportunities and offer your services at a low cost. You can charge between $20 to $50 for plugin installation and setup. 

Plugin and theme consultation 

Not everyone is comfortable with theme and plugin selection. You can offer consulting services to choose the best WordPress theme and plugins. You can encourage your potential clients to book an appointment with you. 

Again, this is a golden opportunity to offer your affiliate/recommended plugins. 

Please note – Maintain transparency with clients regarding affiliate product promotion/recommendation. 

Error Fixing Service for WordPress

Everyone faces WordPress errors. Most of the time, website owners prefer to hire someone to fix such issues. 

WordPress Plugin Error Fixing 

WordPress has over 1900 popular plugins, and every plugin has at least one hundred errors. Also, 50% of the errors are yet to be fixed by the plugin authors.

elementor wordpress plugin error data
Source: WordPress Plugin Forum

The exciting part of the error handling service is that you can connect directly to the forum’s audience and offer solutions. 

find opportunity in WordPress forum for error fixing service
Source: WordPress Elementor Support Forum

Don’t forget to read the WordPress forum guidelines. 

WordPress Theme Error Fixing Service

A beginner-level person tries different types of WordPress themes. And in this situation, they spoil lots of things with the WP theme. 

Moreover, every WordPress theme has its technical requirements and restrictions. And the thing is, not everyone (especially beginners) can understand those. 

Ultimately, such website owners try to put their query in Google or submit a request on Fiverr. 

error fixing keywords in google

Pro Tips: You can target some popular themes and niches. For example, Astra, GeneratePress, or News WordPress themes, you can consider. 

Auditing Website & Suggesting Solution

The website audit is one of the popular WordPress services. As a WordPress expert, you can offer various services.

WordPress SEO Auditing Service

WordPress SEO is a great way to make money as a freelancer. More than fifty thousand freelancers are already earning money on Fiverr. 

You can offer WordPress SEO auditing services from $15 to $100 (depending on website size). Moreover, you can provide SEO services on membership plans. You can give a quote of $50/month for SEO auditing and solutions.

Keyword Research for WordPress websites

Keyword research could be very challenging for many people, especially beginners. You can help those people by providing your keyword research services. 

You should offer Keyword research services with various plans like;

  • 50 keywords with low difficulty = Cost $10
  • 100 keywords with high volume and low difficulty = cost $40 
  • And so on.
keyword research fiverr gig example
Source: Fiverr Pro SEO Gig

Offer on-page SEO for WordPress websites. 

On-page or on-site SEO is essential to optimize your content for search engines. Many people face issues while they work for on-site SEO. 

The exciting part of on-page SEO services is that you don’t have to play with too many plugins. 

There are a few WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast, RankMath, All-in SEO, and SEOPress. There are 20 to 1oo points to be covered for on-page SEO. 

For the RankMath SEO plugin, you have to fix 100 pints to achieve a better score in on-page SEO.

rankmath seo plugin
Source: RankMath – WordPress

WordPress Performance and Security Service

No one likes poor website performance, and even poor performance can bring a website and business reputation down. 

And the website performance brings tons of opportunities for freelancers. 

Here are some best services you can offer to your customer;

Speed Optimization Service

Website owners looking for website speed services on Fiverr or other freelance marketplaces can find website owners.

The website performance is a single service that can give you recurring business. 

As a freelance WordPress expert, you can use WP-Rocket for unlimited websites. WP-Rocket is the #1 cache plugin that keeps WordPress websites fast. 

In the same way, you can also offer WordPress website security features. There are a few popular WordPress security plugins that you can use for unlimited clients. 

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is all in one service package, and website maintenance covers site performance, security, etc. Well, it depends on the mood of the website owners whether they want to take the service once or on a recurring basis.

In both scenarios, you can charge $100 or $500 for complete website maintenance. 

wpbuff mantainance services
Source: wpbuff.com

Third-party application integration

An online business needs multiple resources to grow. Apart from WordPress, there are hundreds of third-party tools that business owners use for marketing.

For example, If you run a retail store on WooCommerce, you want to send future offers to your existing customers.

You have to use an email marketing and automation tool for this. As the store is designed with WooCommerce and there is no direct connection between your store and email marketing tools, it is challenging to tie the two together. 

So, you can help such business owners to connect WooCommerce with their favorite email marketing tool like ConvertKit. 

Final Words

I hope you find this helpful blog. Let me know which service type gives you more money in WordPress freelancing. Comment below!

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