About Ritesh Sharma

About Ritesh Sharma – Founder of 99webdesign and Ritesh Academy

Ritesh sharma founder of 99webdesign and ritesh academy, Ritesh Sharma author of profitable course selling secrets, a digital marketer, trainer
Founder of 99webesign, Ritesh Academy | A Digital Marketer, Trainer & Author of “Profitable Course Selling Secrets

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Hello folks, this is Ritesh Sharma, founder of 99webdesign and Ritesh Academy. I quit my full-time job in 2020 because it was not in line with my vision.

I always wanted to build my own business and Finally, I took myself on a successful path at the time of the pandemic. Owning a digital marketing agency was very challenging for me because It was only me who took charge of it. During the pandemic, I tried to find clients. I used a lot of things like sending cold emails, DMs on Instagram, contacting someone to reference, and finally, after 2 weeks of my struggle, I got two projects with a cost of 70,000 rupees. This was the result of my 2-week struggle.

Over the 3 years (from 2019) I’ve served 100+ clients and still now, I have been working with some of the popular names in the Indian Market, UAE, Singapore New Zealand, and San Francisco. I also work for some digital marketing agencies as white label service providers.

What do I do?

I help small – Medium businesses to scale their growth through digital marketing. Apart from digital marketing services, I also teach entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners to grow their businesses online.

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