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How to become a successful WordPress freelancer in 2022

This is a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful WordPress Freelancer 2022. In this ultimate guide, you will learn various things like;

  • How to start freelancing
  • How to approach high paying clients
  • How to close the deal
  • How to make a recurring business from existing clients

So, If you want to learn how to earn more money by designing WordPress websites, then read this full post.

Freelancing is one of the trending sources of generating income for many. Anyone who WordPress website designing can start freelancing. There is no boundary to starting this career.

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Even I quit my full-time job in 2020 and started my own side hustle. After a continuous struggle, I finally started my own Digital Marketing agency in 2020.

Over time I learn how to close high tickets to clients in WordPress website designing and development. There are thousands of beginners failed in this field even they give up.

What is the real meaning of Freelancing?

According to Wikipedia, Freelance, freelancer, or freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

In simple words, Freelancing is also a Job but without a boss and a company or organization. You basically work as a self-employee. And the self-employee is known as a Freelancer.

Is Freelancing the right choice for WordPress Designers?

Of course YES. Nothing is better than doing freelancing as a WordPress Designer or Developer. I never recommend doing a full-time 9 to 5 Job for WordPress developers. Because you’ll not get a better salary even exposure. Let me explain the advantages and disadvantages of a full-time Job vs Freelancing.

What is the Disadvantage of doing a full-time job as a WordPress Designer?

Well, I can give you thousands of reasons that you should not work as a full-time employee in a company. But here are some reasons

  • You get a fixed salary
  • You work on multiple projects with the same fixed salary
  • You spend your time from 9 to 5 with targets and goals
  • You work under BOSS (I hate this)

What is the biggest advantage of doing freelancing as a WordPress developer/designer?

  • You can earn as much you want.
  • No boundaries on working hours
  • No BOSS
  • Full freedom in life

Where to Start Freelancing in WordPress

There is thousands of place where you can create your profile and start earning. Upwork, Fiverr & Freelancers are some of the popular platforms.

Fiverr is one of the popular freelancing platforms where you can create Gig for WordPress designing services. There are millions of services available on Fiverr related to WordPress.

You don’t need to offer full WordPress service, you can provide small services like

  1. Fixing some errors in the WordPress website
  2. Designing contact forms
  3. Installation and setup of Plugin or theme
  4. Small customization of WordPress theme
  5. Designing landing pages on WordPress website
  6. Optimization of WordPress website
  7. etc.
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How to find high-paying clients for WordPress designing services?

Finding high-paying clients could be challenging for many, Even it was challenging for me. The first project I got on Fiverr was $10.

paypal payment of first client

Follow these tips to close high ticket deals in Freelancing

  1. Build your customer persona
  2. Offer services to service providers like Dentist, Psychologist
  3. Build your Reference generation System to get recurring clients
  4. Run Lead Generation Ads to target specific niche
  5. Optimize your social media profiles to encourage your audience for CTA (Hire me for website designing)
  6. Use Direct Messages or email for prospecting
  7. Build authority in the market (ask your existing clients for a review)
  8. Offer add-on services like maintenance etc.
PRO TIPS: I Personally guide you to become a successful WordPress freelancer like me. If you want to learn how do i close the high tickets deals, I would recommend my personal 1 to 1 coaching (Available for the India region)

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