10K list building ebook formula with fiverr and convertkit email marketing tool

How to Get advantage of ConvertKit and Fiverr for 10K list Building?

This is an ultimate guide to building your 10K+ email list with simple eBook hacks. Don’t worry I will show you how to build an email list without a website and advertisement. I am going to show you how to use ConvertKit (an email marketing tool) and Fiverr to build a solid email list.

According a report by Statista, there are 4 billion daily email users. This number is expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025.

Moreover in this report, more than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach or blogger you are at the right place. If you want to build a solid email list of your targeted customers, I will explain everything from scratch in this “eBook listing building hack“. 

Please note: This is a super easy method to build an email list from 0 to 10K even 100K without spending hours and money. 

So, let’s get started!

How the process works for list building with ConvertKit and Fiverr

I will use eBook as a lead magnet and design a simple landing page in ConvertKit which is a #1 email marketing and automation tool. 

You will give a free eBook to your target audience to get their email ID. So, you need basically two things, first an email automation tool and second an eBook

ConvertKit is a #1 email marketing and automation tool that can help to build list.

Fiverr is a #1 platform where you can hire ghost writers for your eBook writing. The eBook writing is totally optional, if you already have one. 

Please note that building an effective lead magnet is very challenging, So I would recommend hiring professional ones.

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So let’s get started!

Design your eBook lead magnet

Quality lead magnet designing is the first priority in list building formula. eBook is a great way for list building because you can create it easily. Moreover, audiences prefer to read high quality content. 

ebook landing page example in convertkit

eBook as a lead magnet can give you a better conversion rate if you do this in the right way.

subsriber list convertkit eBook landing page example

There are two approaches to design a quality lead magnets;

Either you can convert your popular blog post into eBook. Please make sure to design it professionally not like a typical blog post.

Or, You can hire professional from Fiverr for creating a mini eBook quickly. 

ebook writers freelancers on fiverr
Source: Fiverr

10 Quick tips while hiring someone on Fiverr for your eBook lead magnet design

  1. Ask for a portfolio.
  2. Ensure the freelancer is comfortable with your niche.
  3. Discuss your goal and objectives with the freelancer that you want to achieve through eBook. For example; encourage eBook’s readers to sign up for premium courses.
  4. Keep your eBook in between 50 to 200 pages.
  5. Design a minimalistic and compelling eBook cover photo. Don’t forget to add your visual branding like logo, brand colors etc.
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Design your eBook landing page on ConvertKit

Once your eBook lead magnet is ready, now you can move to design a landing page. 

Designing a dedicated eBook landing page is a better way to attract target audience. 

In fact, a high-converting landing page can bring thousands of customers in less time.

ConvertKit offers various high-converting ready-made landing pages. You can select the pre designed eBook landing page and can run your campaign easily. 

ebook landing page ready templates
Source: ConvertKit Templates Library

Step by step to create your eBook landing page in ConvertKit

Step 01: Go to Grow tab in menu and then click on Landing Pages & Forms

creating new landing pages in convertkit email marketing tool

Step 02 – Click on Create new

Step 03 – Select the Landing Page option and choose a eBook templates.

Step 04: Modify your landing page design and move for next steps. Once you finish the landing page design, click on Setting tab to make it finish.

Step 05: There are 5 things to be configured in landing page. General, Domain Name, Incentive, Advanced and SEO & Analytics.

  • General setting – write a short compelling message.
  • Doman Name – Select a default domain of ConvertKit or you can set a custom domain while setup ConvertKit account.
  • Incentive – The incentive option helps to deliver your eBook automatically after the audience subscribed form. To make it possible, You have to do two setup, first edit the Incentive email and second insert your eBook in download tab.
Image 1: Edit Incentive Email
Image 2 – Edit the Incentive Email Template
Image 3 – Add your eBook in Download Option

Step 06: Now it save button and publish your landing page. You can copy the URL and share it your social media for lead generation.

Image 4 – Publish landing page


Using eBook as lead magnet is a perfect method for list building. Plus, ConvertKit helps to automate your email marketing campaign with a few clicks. As a business owner, entrepreneur, blogger you should definitely try email marketing.

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